“A good product can be done better, this is my mission.” – Davide Ceroni

Davide Ceroni is an Italian knife maker with over 15 years’ experience producing handcrafted knives with both fixed and folding blades.

Ceroni’s passion and love is for building high-tech Balisongs and folding knives.

Titanium and Zirconium alloys are preferred for the handles and sintered steels such as ZDP-189 , RWL-34 , VANAX SUPERCLEAN , M390 , DAMASTEEL , LC200N , VG10 SAN MAI inox for the blades and composite materials with high mechanical performance.

Ceroni is involved in the entire production process from conception to finish. From 2D and 3D drawings and renderings to the final realization using CNC machining centers to ensure tight tolerances. The finishes are all done by hand.

Ceroni is constantly looking for production systems that elevate his products to maximum performance.

He thanks his partner Enrica and daughter Malika who help and support him in his projects!